Hello, Kumusta, Bonjour

Who are you?

My name is Mary Grace Cabidog Dangtayan and I was born on the 6th day of December, 1999. I was born in Baguio City and was raised in Luba, Abra. I have two younger brothers. My father is an Igorot, and my mother is a Bisaya from Leyte. I started my first Grade in Baguio City and then later on my parents decided for us to stay for good in my father’s hometown in Abra. I was an honor student since then. From first grade to the sixth grade I was consistently at the top 1 of my class. I studied in a private school during my junior high school years at Luba- Tubo Catholic School. However, during my 9th grade in high school, my mother died at the age of 33 and me and my brothers were left alone together with my father.

Because of my mother’s death, we suffered financially. My father now sold our lands and animals. What was left along with us was our house. Since, someone was supporting my studies financially, I then decided to study in Baguio City. During which I studied at the University of the Cordilleras during my Senior High School year and I decided to take my degree at that same University.

Right now, I am taking my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and I am currently having my part time job as an ESL teacher. I am planning to continue my studies in law school. Since I was a child, I really wanted to be a lawyer. And no matter what happens, I will still chase my dream.



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